Things To Know Prior To Visiting Teufelsberg

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Teufelsberg remains an artificial hill in Germany. To be precise, this artificial hill is located in Grunewald, Berlin. The hill is three hundred and ninety-four feet above the sea level. Surrounding the Teltow plateau, the hill is around two hundred and sixty feet rising above the floor. The name of the hill emanates from a natural attraction called the Devil’s lake in the southern section of the city. Protecting Wehrtechnische Fakultät, the artificial hill is designed from rubble. A United States of America listening station was located on the hill during the Cold War.

If you want to have a nice time in the Grunewald, this former Cold War listening station is the right place to visit. From Teufelsberg, visitors can have an amazing view of Berlin in Germany. Visitors can see cathedral sparling and the television tower to the east in the setting of the sun. The view of Germany’s capital remains excellent from one hundred and fourteen meters on top of this artificial hill. In the episode called the Cold War, Teufelsberg helped to play a unique role as an America listening and information center.


For day-trippers, this unique location has become a well-known destination sin reunification. For mass snowball combats and tobogganing, this great location remains the best in winter. Berliners enjoy the glamorous sunset and gather to have wonderful picnics in summer. Even in the close Teufelssee, visitors have the opportunity to view the classic beauty of Germany. Visitors go for mountain-biking, paragliding, hiking and flying kites in the Grunewald forest. During the summer, you can also glide over the Havel and sail boats as an added activity when visiting the Grunewald. To get amazing views of the lakes and river, simply explore the Havelhöhenweg. This footpath or route is found along the road leading to Havel, which is linked to Zehlendorf.

Prior To The Whistleblowers – The NSA Regime:

The benefits of this manmade hill came into fruition for the Americans during a crucial moment in history. Radomes and antennas were positioned the hilltops of the city from the 1950s upwards. The main reason for positioning this equipment is to help intercept communications and espionage. From the Eastern Bloc, large parabolas were designed for jamming radio signals, listening and as well intercepting communications. American forces made use of the field station until the Cold War came to an end in 1989.

The glory and beauty of Teufelsberg is maintained until today due to the four striking radomes in the environment. In 2020, the archives will be unveiled for people to capture the information in the listened messages and the techniques used. Until 1999, the center has been used for air traffic regulation after the departure of the allied forces and the end of the Cold War. This occurred due to the fact that the city government marketed the location for business purposes. It eventually rendered the schedule for a new use functionless and to no avail.

David Lynch, an American movie director wanted to purchase the controversial Maharishi Foundation and the location to establish a Vedic Peace University. The remains of the location can be viewed by using one or more tours found around the area. Visitors will have the opportunity to view the location’s 5 big radar domes as well. The most popular Berlin’s previous secret location is where you will always find the listening station today. While exuding a morbid charm, the satellite dishes and ruins of the station are protected in graffiti. The spirit of the Cold War is still felt until today because it once permeated the town.

The Slopes Of Teufelsberg:

The environment was covered in mud and bogs in the early twentieth century. When the Nazi took the seat of power, everything about the area changed. With Hitler’s innovative view of a renewed Berlin, work started immediately to build a military study center. The truth is that the project was destroyed during the war and never gets finished. Trucks transported rubble from the remains of the dilapidated city after the war to Heerstraße. This rubble accumulation later became the highest spot in West Berlin. To make the artificial hill highly attractive, tree were planted and the dumping stopped around 1972. To a tour to this location today and discover more wonders.

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